segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009

Die Young And Save Yourself

Shaun’s “Die Young & Save Yourself” series has finally made its way into print! Based off a lyric from a song by Brand New, the series is a tribute to certain famous young folks who tragically died before reaching the age of 29. Each poster is a 12″ X 16″ two color screenprint on 150lb white stock.

More info, pics, and availability after the jump …
The “Die Young & Save Yourself” series is meant to pay homage to each famous subject, and was created out of boundless respect for each artist’s legacy.

Aside from being quality, hand pulled screen prints, each poster also has a custom stamp on the back labeling the name of the subject, age at death, and cause of death. Check out this one as an example -

Do you know who they all are? I bet you do, because you are cool and smart. The title poster is an ambigram (if you flip it over it says the exact same thing – cool huh?) that says “dieyoung.”

If you like the prints, you can get the series as a full set (the right way!), or as individual pieces at ethenender.

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