quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

Video: Iron & Wine – “Godless Brother In Love”

Music videos have certain comfort zones, especially when the music has uplifting and contagious qualities most typical of nostalgic rock or folk. One of these zones consists of young people running around, often outside among green pastures and beaming sunlight. It’s not exactly a cop out though, especially when the videos are as suitable as Real Estate’s “It’s Real” and WU LYF’s “We Bros“. Iron & Wine follow this trend with the video for “Godless Brother In Love”, from 2011?s Kiss Each Other Clean. Like some of the other videos, it’s not a far stretch from Levi’s “Go Forth” advertising campaign. It’s straightforward, but the music from Sam Beam is visually accommodating as usual.

Iron and Wine – Faded from the Winter

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