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3 Julho 1971 - Saudade Jim!

E porque hoje faz 37 anos que o jim morreu, só na língua portuguesa, a única onde existe uma palavra que se chama saudade, me consigo expressar. O poeta, como gostaria de ficar conhecido, ainda hoje vê o seu nome associado a outros nomes como Amy Winehouse. Pena que tais associações não sejam para salientar o génio que ambos possuem, mas e infelizmente, por causa da vida boémia que levam.

Deixo aqui um poema que ele escreveu e está incluido no album "Waiting For The Sun"

"Celebration Of The Lizard"

Lions in the street and roamingDogs in heat, rabid, foamingA beast caged in the heart of a cityThe body of his motherRotting in the summer groundHe fled the townHe went down South and crossed the borderLeft chaos and disorderBack there over his shoulderOne morning he awoke in a green hotelWith a strange creature groaning beside himSweat oozed from its shining skinis everybody in?is everybody in?is everybody in?the ceremony is about to beginWake up!You can't remember where it wasHad this dream stopped?The snake was pale goldGlazed and shrunkenWe were afraid to touch itThe sheets were hot dead prisonsAnd she was beside meOld, she's no, youngHer dark red hairthe white soft skinNow, run to the mirror in the bathroomLook!shes coming in hereI can't live thru each slow century of her movingI let my cheek slide downThe cool smooth tileFeel the good cold stinging bloodThe smooth hissing snakes of rain . . .Once I had, a little gameI liked to crawl, back in my brainI think you know, the game I meanI mean the game, called 'go insane'you should try, this little gameJust close your eyes, forget your nameForget the world, forget the peopleAnd we'll erect, a different steepleThis little game, is fun to doJust close your eyes, no way to loseAnd I'm right there, I'm going tooRelease control, we're breaking thruWay back deep into the brainBack where there's never any painAnd the rain falls gently on the townAnd over the heads of all of usAnd in the labyrinth of streamsBeneath, the quiet unearthly presence ofgentle hill dwellers, in the gentle hills aroundReptiles aboundingFossils, caves, cool air heightsEach house repeats a moldWindows rolledBeast car locked in against morningAll now sleepingRugs silent, mirrors vacantDust Lying under the beds of lawful couplesWound in sheetsAnd daughters, smugWith semen eyes in their nipplesWaitThere's been a slaughter here(Don't stop to speak or look aroundYour gloves and fan are on the groundWe're getting out of townWe're going on the runAnd you're the one I want to come)Not to touch the earthNot to see the sunNothing left to do, butRun, run, runLet's runlets runHouse upon the hillMoon is lying stillShadows of the treesWitnessing the wild breezeC'mon baby run with meLet's runRun with meRun with meRun with meLet's runThe mansion is warm, at the top of the hillRich are the rooms and the comforts thereRed are the arms of luxuriant chairsAnd you won't know a thing till you get insideDead president's corpse in the driver's carThe engine runs on glue and tarC'mon along, we're not going very farTo the East to meet the Czarrun with merun with merun with melet's runSome outlaws lived by the side of the lakeThe minister's daughter's in love with the snakeWho lives in a well by the side of the roadWake up, girl! We're almost homeWe should see the gates by mornin'We should be inside by evening,sun sun sunburn burn burnburn, burn, burn,i will get yousoon,soon, sooni am the lizard kingi can do anythingWe came downThe rivers and highwaysWe came down fromForests and fallsWe came down fromCarson and SpringfieldWe came down fromPhoenix enthralledAnd I can tell youThe names of the KingdomI can tell youThe things that you knowListening for a fistful of silenceClimbing valleys into the shadefor seven years, i dweltin the loose palace of exileplaying strange games with the girls of the islandnow, i have come againto the land of the fair, and the strong, and the wisebrothers and sisters of the pale forestchildren of nightwho among you will run with the hunt?now night arives with her purple legionRetire now to your tents and to your dreamsTomorrow we enter the town of my birthI want to be ready'

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Anónimo disse...

Ainda bem que existem pessoas como tu para nos lembrar de ícones como o Jim Morrison!

Já lá vão tantos anos!... e mesmo assim a sua poesia e música continuam actuais e fascinantes!

O Jim estará para sempre na nossa memória!

Ricardo Silva aka Evildead

mojorising disse...

Thank You Brother!