quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

Stream: The Walkmen – “Heartbreaker”

Published on obscuresound

We already got a peek at The Walkmen’s seventh LP, Heaven, and its self-titled track on Monday (stream it here). Here’s a radio rip of another track from the album, “Heartbreaker”. It’s a fluid rocker not too far from the sound of a fan favorite like “Woe Is Me”.

“You do everything you can to sound different, but in the end you always sound like the band you are,” frontman Hamilton Leithauser said of the album. “We’ve done a lot of rock in the past, and Phil has made the new stuff rock really hard.” Guitarist/pianist Paul Maroon also spoke highly of Phil Ek’s production: ”There can be something brittle about our sound. He made it just a little bit warmer, a little bit stronger. When I play it in my car, it sounds strong, which I love.”

Here’s a video I took of a track off Heaven, “Your Southern Soul”, when the band performed for free in Hoboken on 10/16:

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