quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

Magenta Skycode – IIIII

Magenta Skycode’s IIIII was my favorite debut album from 2006. The group from Finland stunned me on first listen, with a unique sound that bordered between eerie and mystical. As I wrote when including this as #11 on The Best Albums of 2006, it is ironic that the band has an interest in monochromatic photography, as their music is anything but colorless. In fact, it’s incredibly vibrant and colorful, all while maintaining to be serene and enjoyably atmospheric. Sounds like autumn to me. With an assortment of synths and gentle guitars, Magenta Skycode utilize the natural art of clapping as percussion whenever they can. It is in perfect form for IIIII, not being overused or underestimated. “Go Outside Again” is a good example of the execution, being my favorite on the album.The song initially works around a building guitar-led verse, as some beautiful synth complements the surroundings before the ascent into a enigmatically catchy chorus. Magenta Skycode never got the attention they deserved, but they seem to have a new full-length on the way. I imagine a feature in the near future is imminent for that. But in the meantime, enjoy these great sounds from the band’s debut, IIIII. In addition to being the most impressive debut of 2006, it is a great album for autumn.


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