quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2009

The Leisure Society

As you might have noticed I have a new passion called The Leisure Society. It's acustic folk like Fleet Foxes but with lot's of banjo which reminds me the sensational Magnetic Fields. Some influences: Beach Boys, Beatles, Elliott Smith, Calexico, Sufjan Stevens, Howie Beck, The Band, Ali, Bob Dylan,The Divine Comedy, David Bowie, Nick Drake, The Beta Band, Big Wednesday, Adam & the Ants ( yes the ones from the eighties)...
Unless you're a big fan of film director Shane Meadows, it's unlikely you'll have heard of The Leisure Society. And, thanks to the festive glut of novelty singles from talent show contestants and celebrities, you're unlikely to hear them much this Christmas too. Which is a shame, for in a parallel universe, this is Christmas Number One every year.
The man behind The Leisure Society is one Nick Hemming, composer of music for Meadows films Dead Man's Shoes and A Room For Romeo Brass (he was also in a band with Meadows and actor Paddy Considine) and if this debut single is anything to go by, he's going to be a name to watch out for next year. Last Of The Melting Snow is a beautifully frail slice of chamber pop, recalling Neil Young's Only Love Can Break Your Heart with some gorgeous orchestration swelling softly in the background.

It's the sort of song you can put on when it's cold and snowy outside and instantly feel warm, and with Radio 2 and 6Music both picking up on it, maybe this year will be a Christmas for underdogs ..
Well just listen to the album and say something.

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