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Julian Casablancas: New Strokes album on the way

The frontman of the New York indie darlings says their forthcoming LP will combine the sound of Thin Lizzy with a-ha.
The Strokes have already written most of their fourth album, according to Julian Casablancas. Three years since their last record, the band's frontman admitted that the major obstacle in making a new LP has been each member's busy schedule.
"We're supposed to have done it already, but it got pushed back," Casablancas told Xfm. "We worked on it for months, we have most of the songs written. It's just a question of getting all five dudes in the room."
The problem is that the Strokes have been preoccupied with solo projects. Casablancas has an imminent album, Phrazes for the Young, which follows similar ventures by guitarist Albert Hammond Jr, bassist Nikolai Fraiture (as Nickel Eye) and drummer Fabrizio Moretti (as Little Joy).
According to Casablancas, the band's quality control prevents them from rushing out music. "The Strokes [are] a tough musical jury," he said. "If something is going to survive it's got to pretty much please five incredibly picky dudes. That's the great thing about the band, but it can sometimes be stifling."
Still, Casablancas knows what he wants from the new record – and it isn't another drawly take on the Velvet Underground. "I have wish that it would sound like Thin Lizzy, but if they could peer into the future and have 80s melodies. Like a super-tight late-70s rock band but with a-ha moments, if that makes sense."

In: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/oct/12/julian-casablancas-new-strokes-album

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