terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012

Hawker Reunion

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California, not Manchester, is a more suitable hometown for acoustic guitar wielding acts with a fondness for vocal harmonies.

However, along with The Slow Show and The Traveling Band, Hawker Reunion's blissful mix of melancholy and sun-drenched alt-Americana is at odds with the grainy skies of their hometown.

Hawker Reunion’s facebook page describes their music as alt-folk. Which only tells a fraction of the band's story.

'Leaving England' has only received modest plays on the Hawker Reunion's soundcloud page. Yet it's the work of a skilled and passionate group. Influences of Neutral Milk Hotel, Wilco and Smog are evident, but the steadiness and control leaves a lasting impression.

An audience whose ears are excited by familiar sounds matches the rise of acts revisiting The Band and Neil Young LPs. The timeless qualities of both these bands show how the alt-folk-rock genre can persist and evolve over time.

It may be a step too far to say Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver should look over their shoulder for Hawker Reunion. But, closer to home, the city may be producing an act that can provide warmth in the harshest of winters

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