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Para quem está a descobrir o mito do século XX isto poderá ajudar...

The Doors Discography
The Doors albums.

The Doors - 1967 (Elektra)
Strange Days - 1967 (Elektra)
Waiting For The Sun - 1968 (Elektra)
The Soft Parade - 1969 (Elektra)
Morrison Hotel - 1970 (Elektra)
Absolutely Live - 1970 (Elektra)
L.A. Woman - 1971 (Elektra)
Other Voices - 1971 (Elektra)
Full Circle - 1972 (Elektra)
An American Prayer - 1978 (Elektra)
Alive, She Cried - 1983 (Elektra)
Live At The Hollywood Bowl - 1987 (Elektra)
The Doors - 1991 (Elektra)
Bright Midnight: Live In America - 2001 (Elektra)
Live In Hollywood: Highlights From The Aquarius Theatre Performances - 2002 (Elektra)
Live In Detroit - 2006 (Rhino)
Friday, April 10 At Boston Arena - 2007 (Rhino)
Live In Pittsburgh 1970 - 2008 (Rhino)
The Golden Scarab - 2004 (Lemon)

The Doors Videos & DVD's
The Doors video and DVD releases.
Dance On Fire: Classic Performances & Greatest Hits - 1985 (Pioneer)
Live At The Hollywood Bowl - 1987 (Elektra)
A Tribute To Jim Morrison - 1988 (Warner Home Video)
Live In Europe 1968 - 1989 (Atlantic)
The Soft Parade: A Retrospective - 1991 (MCA)
The Doors Are Open - 1992 (Warner Home Video)
The Best Of The Doors - 1997 (Universal)
30 Years Commemorative Edition - 2001 (Universal)
VH1 Storytellers - The Doors: A Celebration - 2001 (Aviva International)
The Doors Of The 21st Century: L.A. Woman Live - 2004 (BMG)
Classic Albums: The Doors - 2008 (Eagle Vision)

The Doors Books
The Doors bibliography.
Jim Morrison And The Doors: An Unauthorized Book - Mike Jahn
An American Prayer - Jim Morrison
The Lords & The New Creatures - Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison Au Dela Des Doors - Herve Muller
No One Here Gets Out Alive - Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman
Burn Down The Night - Craig Kee Strete
Jim Morrison: The Story Of The Doors In Words And Pictures - Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison: An Hour For Magic - Frank Lisciandro
The Doors: The Illustrated History - Danny Sugerman
The Doors - John Tobler and Andrew Doe
Jim Morrison: Dark Star - Dylan Jones
Images Of Jim Morrison - Edward Wincentsen
The End: The Death Of Jim Morrison - Bob Seymore
The American Night: The Writings Of Jim Morrison - Jim Morrison
The American Night Volume 2 - Jim Morrison
Morrison: A Feast Of Friends - Frank Lisciandro
Light My Fire - John Densmore
Riders On The Storm: My Life With Jim Morrison And The Doors - John Densmore
The Doors Complete Illustrated Lyrics - Danny Sugerman (ed.)
Break On Through: The Life And Death Of Jim Morrison - James Riordan and Jerry Prochnicky
The Doors: Lyrics, 1965-71 - no author
The Lizard King: The Essential Jim Morrison - Jerry Hopkins
The Doors: Dance On Fire - Ross Clarke
The Complete Guide To The Music Of The Doors - Peter K. Hogan
The Doors: Moonlight Drive - Chuck Crisafulli
Wild Child: Life With Jim Morrison - Linda Ashcroft
The Tragic Romance Of Pamela & Jim Morrison - Patricia Butler
Light My Fire: My Life With The Doors - Ray Manzarek
The Doors: When The Music's Over: The Stories Behind Every Song - Chuck Crisafulli and Dave DiMartino
Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend - Stephen Davis
People Are Strange: The Ultimate Guide To The Doors - Doug Sandling
The Doors By The Doors - the Doors with Ben Fong-Torres

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