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1967 Portugal Profundo : 2009 =?

PARLOPHONE - LMEP 1267 - edição portuguesa (1967)Penny Lane - Love You To - Strawberry Fields Forever - Tomorrow Never Knows
Este é o 24º disco dos Beatles editado em Portugal na década de 60 e, segundo creio - e Christoph Maus também - o único nacional que tem uma capa idêntica a outra editada no estrangeiro, neste caso em França.Em todo o caso, o alinhamento é diferente.
Atente-se ao que escreve Christoph Maus no seu volume "Beatles Worldwide II", Maus of Music Book Publishing, 2005:
One of the highlights of this book surely is the illustrated portuguese discography, as in this country, the Beatles singles and EPs were published in beautiful full-coloured picture sleeves.Turn to page 319 and have a lokk at them! I think you will agree that they are amongst the best in the world.
Mas Christoph Maus diz mais:
In the 1960s, Portugal was probably the poorest country in the western Europe. Therefore, one can only be amazed at the fact the records there were issued in such fine picture sleeves. Since the portuguese population numbered about six million at that time, of which only a small percentage would buy Beatles' records, they were pressed in small quantities and are rarely seen for sale today.

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